Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 Reasons to Participate in a Book Fair

We’re having a book fair at the end of the day at our Write It Right conference. Local authors are invited to participate; cost is $10 for a table if you only plan to sell your books at the Fair. If you’re planning to attend the conference (and I know you are), you can rent the table at no cost.

If you’re a published author living in a fairly close proximity to Schuylkill County, we’d love to see you there! I know, I know—writers are solitary folk, living in the imaginary worlds we create in our minds. But why not come out and talk with the 3-dimensional people? Here are 5 good reasons why you should:

Sell your books. Duh. But if you’re hoping to broaden your customer base beyond your parents, grandma, and Great-Aunt Tilly, to be perfectly honest, you need to attend as many events as you can—get your name and product out there, practice your sales pitch, and watch your books fly off the shelves (er, table in this case).

Network with other writers. One of the biggest benefits of any literary event is the opportunity to meet and chat with other creatives. You’ll be amazed at the stories you’ll hear, the writing tips you’ll pick up, and the friendships you’ll form. We understand the triumphs and frustrations you face in your writing projects—guess what? We have many of the same ones! Isn’t it nice to meet kindreds?

Inspire. So you're meeting writers, talking the writerly talk, walking the writerly walk, and inspiring them just as they may be inspiring you. No, really. Do you know how many people follow through on their "I'm going to write a book one day" promise? Not too many! So welcome to a very exclusive club. You'll be inspiring your fellow writers to sit down and commit to a project--after all, you did it, why can't they?

Go somewhere new. Traveling is not only good for your soul, but it just might prove to be good for your writing! Even if you're only going to the next town or mid-sized city, it's still a change of scenery--new restaurants to try, new folks to meet, and new things to experience. You never know when a road trip might spark an idea for a story or article, so get going!

Build your fan base. You can't beat good old-fashioned word of mouth publicity, and if your readers enjoy your work, you can bet that they'll suggest your book to friends...who will suggest it to their friends...and so on. Getting out there and meeting your readers face-to-face will just enhance the whole experience for them. And what writer doesn't like to hear that their work has touched a reader? Isn't that a huge reason why most of us write--to make a connection with readers?

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