Monday, February 1, 2010

More About the Write It Right Facilitators

The BDWN Write It Right Conference will include 8 breakout sessions led by professional facilitators in their respective fields. We have an amazing selection of speakers, and the toughest part for attendees will be deciding which sessions to go to!

We already introduced Kathryn Craft, our keynote speaker and facilitator for the “Get That Story Moving!” fiction session. Here’s a sneak peek at our other speakers and their topics:

Rick Grant—Effective Self-Promotion for Writers. Rick will lead one session on how writers can promote their work using traditional outlets such as media kits, book tours, and the like. His second session will focus on how social media can help writers take their marketing efforts to the next level. Grant brings more than 25 years' journalist experience with expertise in the financial industry, engineering and emerging media technologies to his audience. He most recently served as editor of Real Estate Technology Insight (RETI). Prior his work at RETI, Grant was an editor for Source Media publications (formerly Thomson Media) where he served as managing editor for Origination News magazine, Broker magazine, Mortgage Technology magazine and the HomeEquityWire electronic newsletter. He served as special reports editor for National Mortgage News and designed curricula for industry conferences.

Priscilla Y. Huff—Breaking into Magazine Writing: Beginners’ Basics and Expanding Your Freelance Writing Markets: 99+ Part-Time Writing Job Ideas for Earning Money While Writing Your Bestseller. Priscilla will offer step-by-step ways to get published in magazines, covering everything from finding ideas to identifying markets to writing the query and the all-important follow-up with the editor. In her second session, she will talk about some non-traditional ways to earn your living as a writer while you polish your novel manuscript (you know—in your spare time!) Priscilla has been a freelance business and non-fiction writer/author for over 25 years. Huff’s experience includes penning the best-selling 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women, 3rd ed., and other related books specializing in topics about small and home-based businesses and women’s entrepreneurship. She has written articles for print publications including Home Business Journal, Pennsylvania Magazine and Small Business Opportunities and is currently a feature writer for Home Business Magazine. Her business, Little House Writing & Publishing, offers business information, consulting and research services as well as e-books and other publications. Visit her website at

Jerry Waxler—Turning Life Into Story (Memoir Writing Session). Jerry will talk about the ins and outs of writing a memoir, the most effective methods for turning your life into a story, and how to spot meaningful material in your everyday life. Jerry holds an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Villanova University and has been a longtime advocate for the healing power of the written word. He has held numerous workshops on writing memoir throughout Pennsylvania. He is a former board member of the Lehigh Valley Writers Group, Vice President of the Philadelphia Writers Conference, and a Program Director for the National Association of Memoir Writers.

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