Friday, February 5, 2010

Showing Up Everyday

There’s a well-known saying that goes something like “90% of success is showing up.” This is particularly true for a pastime like writing, which so many people want to do, but very few hunker down and actually do. For some, writing is just that—a relaxing pastime that allows us to record our memories or thoughts from days gone by, or create a new world with complex characters, interesting settings, and gripping plots.

But then there are those who recognize writing for the work it really is, and make the commitment to show up and do that work.

The most successful writers do the work faithfully every day—or, as often as our busy schedules allow. These writers put in the long hours needed for researching, outlining, interviewing, revising, the actual writing, finding places to sell their work, marketing themselves and their work, and powering through even when the words simply aren’t coming…they tinker with what they have and fight with the page until the words eventually do come they way they’re supposed to. The most successful writers don’t idly wait for inspiration to strike—rather than waiting for it to come to them, they actively go after it. The most successful writers feel a real sense of accomplishment and yes, mental fatigue after a hard day’s work, just as with any other job. Despite the fatigue and exasperation that comes with the job, for the most successful writers, it’s not a pastime—it’s a true calling.

Do you show up for work every day? Is writing your relaxing pastime or a serious occupation?

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